Service Description

XOP H-n-H offers a state-of-the-art SIP based Hoot and Holler/Hot Line audio conferencing service for auto recyclers.

This cloud based hosted service is offered using our parent company XOP Network's Universal Service Node Conference bridge product.

This service fills the gap created by disinterested service providers. Auto Recyclers Hot Line businesses impacted by lack of interest from large network service providers can now sign up for XOP H-n-H’s IP based Hoot and Holler service.

Our service is functionally equivalent to service offered by legacy Hoot and Holler network providers. Our service is offered on a modern platform and offers as good or better reliability and audio quality compared to traditional service providers.

Benefits of our service are:

  • Provides Hoot and Holler functionality without making any network infrastructure changes.
  • Quick and seamless installation process.
  • Access to a self-service portal allowing oversite of member activity and the ability for adding and deleting hotline members.
  • Specialized Hoot and Holler IP phone for enhanced audio quality.

Non-stop Conferencing

A private Hoot-n-Holler conferencing network for auto recyclers.

Huddle with your team from anywhere on any device.

Web-based Configuration and Control Panel

Use a modern web portal to configure and control your Hoot-n-Holler network.